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Google Analytics is the best way to know how your audience interacts with your WordPress site. Do you want to know about your mobile users interaction with your WordPress site AMP pages? Here is the easiest way to Add Google Analytics to AMP by using “Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP plugin”. Follow this easy method and get AMP Google Analytics quickly.

How to Add Google Analytics to AMP ?

Browsing the internet for adding Google Analytics to Accelerated Mobile Pages is making you feel stress. Don’t get stress you are at the right place to get simple solution for your trouble. In this article, we have presented the step by step process for adding Google Analytics to AMP. Go through this article and add Google analytics to your WordPress site AMP pages.

Features of Google Analytics on AMP

  • Audience overview.
  • User Flow.
  • Real-time users view.
  • Visitors Location.
  • Page Views.
  • Visitors search.
  • Reference view.
  • Page view timing.
  • Speed Suggestions.

After adding Google Analytics on AMP, you can get how the user interacts with your WordPress site. This information will be helpful for you to improve your WordPress site ranking.

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How to Add Google Analytics to Accelerated Mobile Pages ?

Adding Google Analytics to AMP is one of the easy tasks. The Regular WordPress users can do this easily, but the WordPress Beginners does not know about it. For adding Google Analytics to AMP first, you need to install Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP Plugin on your WordPress site.

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The Glue Yoast SEO & AMP is the best plugin which offers optionally add a valid google analytics tracking code features. By using this feature, you can add Google analytics to your WordPress AMP easily. The Step by step process for adding google analytics to AMP by using “Glue for Yoast SEO AMP plugin” is provided here. Take a look at it.

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Step by Step Process for Adding Google Analytics to AMP

  • First, Login to your WordPress Admin area.

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  • Click on the AMP option from the SEO section.

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  • Now, the AMP – Yoast SEO page appears on the screen.
  • Select Analytics tab.


  • Now, add the given code to the text field of Analytics Code.
<amp-analytics type="googleanalytics" id="analytics1">
<script type="application/json">
 "vars": {
 "account": "UA-XXXXXXXX-X"
 "triggers": {
 "trackPageview": {
 "on": "visible",
 "request": "pageview"
  • Next, click on the save changes button.

Finally, you have successfully added the Google Analytics to your WordPress AMP pages by using the “Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP plugin.


Hope this article helped you to add Google Analytics to AMP on your WordPress site. Follow us to know more about WordPress customizations. If you face any WordPress problem, don’t worry about it. Just visit our site and get the best solution for your WordPress Errors.